UFC 107 prediction results and what I took away from it

Before anything I’d like to say that even though I was highly fatigued for the majority of the show (I had been up since 5 am the previous morning), I enjoyed UFC 107 more than any UFC event in recent memory. The fights were wild, and many of the fights went down much differently than the way I had thought they would. Below are my prediction results and recap.


4 out of 5 main card picks correct (all except Buentello), and picked Florian via RNC in round 2. Surprised myself, usually I’m terrible at fight picks and/or wagers. I also picked Mir via Kimura in round 1, and although the only thing I got wrong was the exact submission it was, I’m not sure i consider this a victory for me based on how totally wrong I was in my expectations on how the fight would go down. Hope to continue winning predictions in the future =D.

What I took away from UFC 107

-Sanchez has earned a ton of respect from me after his fight with Penn. He wasn’t able to do any of the things that he wanted to do in the fight, and he relentlessly went for takedowns as he was pummeled on the feet by a fighter who outclassed him the whole way through. There aren’t many fighters who would try and win the fight all the way until it is stopped the way Diego did.

-The main event marked the end of “BJ might gas” as a legitimate prediction for any of his fights. I firmly believe that BJ Penn will be in superb condition in every fight from this point forward, and there’s not much reason to believe otherwise.

-Not gonna go as far as to say I’m buying into Mir’s hype, but Mir is for real. Back to my earlier point, I did not expect Mir to get the better of the standup in any way shape or form. Call me crazy, but I don’t think it is all too unreasonable for there to be dicsussion of Mir as a real threat to Lesnar in a rematch.

-Stefan Struve is going to be real popular, real soon. Improving standup, good ground game and submissions, and a big heart. All this at the age of 21, what more can you ask for? I picked Buentello to win; and he almost did, but Struve is going places.

-I’m glad to have seen Kenny Florian do what he does best against Guida. He not only finished, but rocked guida en route to a (yes I called it) RNC victory in the second round. Florian is a very real force at lightweight, and his striking will only continue to improve. Make Sanchez v. Florian 2 happen now!

That’s all folks! remember to leave a comment and let me know what you think.


~ by jordyjihad on December 13, 2009.

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