Rashad Evans; Buy or sell?

With UFC 108 a few weeks away, I’d like to hit a few points on what is one of the biggest questions for UFC 108; is Rashad for real? Pre Machida, the answers across MMA news sources varied dramatically. Post Machida, one can only assume it has generally been less positive. Given that we really haven’t been able to see much of what he is able to do in a while, I find it odd that he is a healthy favorite to win this fight on the betting lines. With Thiago Silva showing he is back with an impressive KO win over Rashad’s good friend and teammate Keith Jardine, I have at least a glimpse of what he is bringing to the table. Although Rashad did impress in most of his fights in the UFC, his boxing game never really looked all that tight. He moves his head a lot, and although this may impress Mike Goldberg, his head movement isn’t going to be dazzling any top flight competition.  The two things he really has going for him, are his timing and his KO power. With all the off time given from being on the latest season of TUF, it’s reasonable to believe he has tightened up his game since then. Will he be a totally different fighter? maybe, who knows.

The way I felt when Rashad was KO’d by Machida is comparable to how I felt when the patriots lost what was supposed to be a ‘Gimme’ super bowl to the giants in the first ever 18-1 season.

me, during and after the patriots epic failure (add tears)

I am a fan, and had supreme confidence that Rashad would beat Machida (feel free to laugh). After the fight though, I had a much more realistic understanding of his skills. I’m not calling the fight until i make predictions for UFC 108 sometime next week, but I do think this fight will be very competitive and exciting. I also think this fight is more likely to go the distance than most people think. Both guys will be coming in looking to get their careers back on the right track, and contrary to all the flak UFC 108 is catching for losing so many fights it will be a solid card.

Leave all hate comments below, thanks for reading :).


~ by jordyjihad on December 20, 2009.

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